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Virginia Hess

Virginia Hess receives Certificate of Recognition from City of Centerville

For many artists, each work created is like a child.  You must give them roots and wings. If they go out into the world, there is an incredible pride that all parents know and all artist share. Virginia has evolved from painter of the abstract, to the sensitive depiction of the human form that seems to literally capture the soul of the subject. For any artist, this is a life journey. Success does not come from seeking a destination, but in the events and experiences that happen along the way. If Virginia’s experience and work can be useful as an example for any artist or for any of our lives then she really has come FULL CIRCLE.

Virginia Krause Hess has been an artist her whole life. She found a unique way of blending art and history through her interpretations of historical photos into three dimensional sculptures. These have become her passion and legacy. She has sculpted men and woman of status for commemorative plaques, monuments and museums.  While she lives in the Dayton, Ohio area, she is respected and admired across the country. In the pages of this book, we will celebrate all of Virginia Hess’s art work including her bronze sculptures which have made her famous.  In the FULL CIRCLE of her life she has touched and enriched many.





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